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Anata NFT is a brand new form of identity for Web3 and beyond. It's the first NFT you can literally be. Anatas use your webcam or phone camera to mimic your movements exactly. When you speak, your Anata speaks. When you blink, your Anata blinks. Move your head back and forth, raise your eyebrows, squint your eyes — it's all reflected immediately by your Anata avatar.

But we didn't stop there — each Anata is bundled with a set of emotes so you can be extremely expressive. Fire eyes, anger, peace signs, shame, heart eyes, and more.

In all there are 2000 total Anatas. 1000 masculine, 1000 feminine with a ton of different traits like clothing, hair, ear rings, nose rings, tails, weapons, wings, face tattoos, backgrounds, masks, it goes on.

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Core pillars

Innovation inVTubing Technology

We started with a 2D avatars capable of showing some basics emotions; now we have upgraded ‘version 2.0’ models, 3D VRMs, we keep airdropping pets, aka-chans, mechs… and we plan to stay on the bleeding edge of any new trends

Ownership andAuthenticity

NFT is not just a buzzword, it’s a technology that decentralizes the way we trace ownership and its history. But Anata is not just ownership of a digital asset. It’s a genuine piece of digital identity, unique, with provable rarity.

Avatar Experience

I am my Anata and my Anata is me. I am my Anata and my Anata is me. And it evolves, it becomes 3D when I need it. I get a handmade PFP for my socials. I get the support to use it wherever possible. I am my Anata and my Anata is me.

Creative Community

Our diverse group of crypto OGs and new foundlings mingles in our Discord to create one of the most engaging communities in NFTs. Come for honest discussion and recurring events, stay for the alpha of having internet frens

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